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Veterans please include the following information: Current City and State of residency; current phone number where you can be reached; list all diagnosed and compensated service connected disabilities; level of compensation; can you care for, and afford a Service Dog (please be specific); and do you already have a dog in mind or are you in need of one? Please allow 5 business days for reply to any inquiry.

Service Dog selection.

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is more important

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At Pawsitive Dognosis, LLC I believe that it is the right of every person to pursue the quality of life they want. By providing my expanding service programs to them, I offer the disabled person who has (or is seeking) a service dog, all-encompassing access to finding/pairing, training, and maintaining their service dog within the State of Maine.*

Pawsitive Dognosis, LLC is dedicated to empowering Mainers with disabilities for greater independence. I am able to do this through specialized programs you can find in the INFORMATION and PROGRAM pages linked above.

Membership is open to all residents of Maine with disabilities who need a service dog, however it's only FREE to Veterans. Please review my Paw Dog Agreement and program Agreement details, but always feel free to contact me with your questions. I am happy to discuss expansion of the PawDog program with potential partners in other States.

*Consulting for out of State Residents is available

  • Delivering my Pawsitive Dognosis concept to fellow Veterans since 2010, upon retirement in 2014, I returned home to Maine with the PawDog mission.
  • Offering services throughout the State of Maine and consultation Nation Wide.
  • Prior member of appointed task force on Service Dog legislation for the State of Maine.
  • Ongoing work with the Department of Veterans Administration on policy for Service Dogs used for PTSD and TBI, at state and national level.
  • Extensive knowledge and background in navigating the Veteran's Administration/ Veteran's benefits and claims.
  • I'm a prior Navy Corpsman of 10 years and an R.N. of over 18 years with 5 years Army Nursing experience.
  • In my 20’s and 30’s, I spent many days in the woods of Maine with my personally trained water and upland game dogs. Using my talents in training these dogs, I helped others with their dogs and ran many field trials for fun and with great success.
  • After I  suffered my own Army line of duty injuries (PTSD, TBI and orthopedic), I experienced a life shift like many other people and PTSD/TBI sufferers. I searched for, purchased and trained my own PTSD dog. The rest is PawDog...





Free to


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Vets for


Food assistance for Service Dogs

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Spas for Paws

Veterinary services for Veterans

Free and reduced cost Vet care

for qualified service dogs.

Are you a practicing veterinarian, dog groomer, dog care person/company or does your business simply want to help Veterans in need?

Pawsitive Dognosis does not accept cash donations, and while there is more to it, what I do is connect the veterans in need with the companies who provide the services.