Life begins and ends near the earth! All too often we get taken up with the crazy city life and then we find out that real life has passed us by. PawDog Farm and Retreat is a place where anyone can come and take a few minutes to slow down. Relax under a tree, watch the birds peck at the ground. No judgements on who you are, or the journey you have been on, just a beautiful and wonderful moment in the sun. I welcome friends, new and old, to my home and my farm to experience the beauty of working with your hands and eating freshly harvested foods from here and local sources.

        At PawDog Farm and Retreat life takes on a new meaning as you watch baby birds hatch from their eggs, build a multitude of things from repurposed items, work the ground with your own hands, feed the animals, view the stars, and experience things that may be on your bucket list. Having two service dogs, 2 cats, many many chickens, turkey and other seasonal birds, and a host of wildlife to fall in love with... PawDog Farm and Retreat is your home away from home.

PawDog Farm and Retreat

Where Healing and Nourishing Happens