Important PawDog Information

If you are in need of services and think that Pawsitive Dognosis may be the right fit for you please click on the link above and complete the application.  The completed application can either be scanned / emailed to - or - snail mail to: Pawsitive Dognosis, LLC, 13 Spikehorn Circle, Lyman ME, 04002

  1. Pawsitive Dognosis, LLC is an organization that provides one stop access for all Maine residents and others interested in every aspect of service dogs. My primary mission is to coordinate service dog access and maintenance for Maine Service Veterans with service connected PTSD/TBI, who require a service dog.
  2. ​Those members that are Maine Veterans with SC PTSD/TBI shall be afforded the "free/discounted" services within my group and programs ("Pet Locators,” ”Vets for Vets," "Spas for Paws," and "Trainers for Mainers,") as they are currently outlined.​
  3. All Maine residents (Veteran Preference) with or seeking a Service Dog are encouraged to enter as members. In the near future, and as donations and product sales increase, PawDog would hope to be able to extend my "free/discount" services to non-Veteran members.
  4. For emergency or incidental expenses not outlined in the services offered, I will work to cover some of the costs incurred. Payments will come directly from PawDog/donation source and be paid directly to the approved Veterinarian, Trainer, Groomer, Pet Locator Service, and other persons, businesses or organizations who are affiliated and approved through PawDog for such products and services. I do this with donations (monetary, time, and items) and bartering.
  5. The Service Dogs will be trained primarily for the standard Public Access Testing with other training based around the Veteran's level of disability and needs with his/her diagnosed PTSD/TBI. For example, Service Dogs also greatly assist individuals with physical disabilities by opening doors, fetching wheelchairs, retrieving dropped items, operating light switches, moving paralyzed limbs and getting help. Utilizing positive reinforcement I train the handler/dog team as one.
  6. I strive to adopt all of our dogs from animal shelters and rescue leagues, but donations from individuals, Veterinarian clinics, and even breeders are welcome after each prospective service dog has been evaluated for proper placement using our "Standards and Ethics Regarding Dogs."
  7. My services are free of charge to Veterans.