Help Veterans and Help Your Business

Help Paw Dog Help Veterans

      PawDog is always looking for Service Providers willing to help Veterans with care for their service Dogs. Each of these programs would not be possible without the assistance of businesses just like yours. Starting soon, all of our service providers will have the opportunity to have their business featured on our website so that all of our visitors will have the ability to patronize those who support our Veterans. We want to promote your business and help Veterans as we go.

    For any stores who would like to provide food and care supplies like collars, leashes, brushes, etc... I ask that you hold an in store account for PawDog and I will supply you with pre-qualified Veterans to shop at your locations. Each of the Pre-Qualified Veterans will be supplied with a certificate for your store, so there is no worry for you. If you wish to participate in the program please send me an email and I can send you an application form. I believe that this benefits your store, the Veteran and PawDog! Veterans will get to shop at stores near their homes, stores will be able to hold on to the money until the Veteran needs it, and PawDog hopes to have stores located across Maine so that I can encourage shoppers to make donations to the PawDog account when they visit. 

     If you are a store, veterinarian, groomer or other service provider and want to help, but are worried about how you will know which Veteran to help, how to help and when to help, do not worry! PawDog has taken care of this problem. Each of our Veterans has gone through an application process and in order to receive services through the PawDog program the service providers (YOU) will be provided with notification of the Veterans name and photo along with what service they are coming to your business for. If a Veteran shows up and PawDog has not notified you about their arrival or they do not have an official PawDog Certificate, then they are not on PawDog's list.

Pawsitive Dognosis is a not-for-profit LLC, providing services free of charge to participants.

I call my homestead PAWDOG FARM, and am constantly seeking ways to make things happen. One way is bartering and another is through my onsite Air BNB where I offer tenting and in  home accommodations . The bartering helps provide for Pawsitive Dognosis more indirectly (the savings allows me to travel locally to meet veterans and provide needed services):

I grow culinary mushrooms (Shiitake, Oyster, Lions Mane and Chestnut - When season permits) and barter these. Currently a local restaurant has been accepting my mushrooms to barter for meal coupons that I pass on to Pawsitive Dognosis participating veterans or other local residents in need.

I barter my fresh, organic eggs for poultry feed and will soon be providing a local restaurant for meal coupons. I set people up with culinary mushroom growing supplies for various farm items of barter. I plan to raise chicks and turkeys (for barter) to help defray emergency veterinarian costs for participating veterans. Funds will be given to a local veterinarian to build an emergency fund for PawDog use.

The Air BNB is not a direct part of PawDog farm, but helps defray my costs and provides housing for individuals and veterans who would like to get away for a while and commune with nature.

A more direct way is receiving donations for items that can help:

I recently received a large wooden dog house, and a tall gated dog kennel, perfect for incidental training needs.